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At Republic Building Contractors, Inc., each project is assigned a dedicated project manager whose primary goal is to exceed the expectations of the client regarding budget, schedule, and quality. All project managers are also seasoned estimators and typically execute the projects they estimate. Our clients benefit from this approach since the same person who measured and analyzed every detail of the job during the estimating process manages the construction. There is no learning curve between estimating and construction phases, and potential constructability issues are resolved prior to putting the work in place.


Our licensed project superintendents share the same primary goal as the project managers. All superintendents are trained as carpenters by trade and coordinate the day to day operations of the construction process. They assist in generating the overall project schedule and coordinate the work to meet or beat the completion date. All superintendents are OSHA trained and jobsite safety is paramount. Republic was recognized with the Platinum Safety Award issued by Ohio Casualty Group attesting to our policy regarding jobsite safety. The project superintendents ultimately have the responsibility of delivering the highest level of quality construction and ensure that the job is done in accordance with the plans, specifications and approved submittals.

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